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Y Combinator, B2B Sales & Strategic Partnerships - Melvyn Lubega, GO1

Season 4 Episode 6

This week we welcome Melvyn Lubega, Co-Founder of go1, an L&D business valued at over 2 billion dollars!

We begin by exploring Melvyn's journey, delving into the source of his strong drive and ambition. We then talk about his experience at Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley's top accelerators.

Throughout this episode, Melvyn offers valuable insights on B2B sales, the importance of growth through partnerships, and finding the balance between product-driven and sales-driven growth.

This episode, packed with essential topics for any B2B business, is one you won't want to miss.

Too Long; Didn't Listen? Here's what to look for:

2:27 What Is go1?
3:10 Founding Journey
12:14 Zero To One Journey
16:23 The Source Of Melvyn's Ambition
25:45 Melvyn's Experience At Y Combinator
36:18 When Is The Zero To One Journey Over?
41:06 go1's Value Proposition
49:45 Brought To You By Metavolve
51:07 Post Zero To One Journey Growth Strategy
55:24 Melvyn's Unique Approach To Cold Outreach
1:03:44 Building A Stellar Sales Team
1:09:15 Competitors To Partners
1:17:38 Sharing Priorities Between The Leadership Team
1:22:50 Journey Of Building Partnerships
1:28:49 Other Growth Strategies Melvyn Employed
1:33:07 Scaling The Product
1:35:05 Teams & Culture
1:42:16 What Questions Do YOU Have For Melvyn?
1:43:04 Melvyn's Main Focus Right Now & Moving Forward
1:48:03 Why Melvyn Chooses To Stay In South Africa

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