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Personal Growth Journey of a Twice-Exited Founder - Mike Scott, SMB Mastery

Season 3 Episode 4

Mike Scott is a seasoned entrepreneur and founder of NONA digital (acquired by Yoco). In this episode, he shares his practical lessons from his impressive career and personal growth journey.

Tune in as we discuss:
- The psychology of entrepreneurship
- How Mike's past has shaped his identity
- Survival mindset of a first-time founder
- Mistakes Mike made in his first business
- How Mike scaled NONA Digital
- The importance of market positioning
- What it was like to be acquired

Too Long; Didn't Listen? Here's what to look for:

How Mike Got Started In Entrepreneurship - 3:41
Importance Of Understanding Yourself - 8:16
Finding Product Market Fit For TS Tech - 13:00
One of Mike's Biggest Lessons - 18:15
How Mike Achieved His Biggest Successes - 25:52
Always Learning Mindset - 39:51
Imposter Syndrome - 50:05
Importance of Knowing Thyself - 52:35
You Are Not Your Company - 58:24
Brought To You By Metavolve - 1:04:29
Exit From TS Tech To Founding NONA - 1:06:26
Focusing On Market Positioning - 1:15:45
NONA Scaling Journey - 1:37:03
Being Acquired By YOCO - 1:45:05
Being Employed For The First Time At 40 - 1:56:03
What's Next For Mike - 2:05:30

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