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Feb 2024

How Bungalo’s founders Navigated the Risks of Scaling with Metavolve

Use Case
The challenge
The approach
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Use Case

In the entrepreneurial journey, growth can be a double-edged sword. For the founders of Bungalo, Marc and Jacqui Pincente, growing their family business also meant facing a dilemma: continue struggling through the pains of scaling or sell and potentially watch their vision thrive under someone else’s stewardship.

It’s a familiar crossroads where the path forward is clouded with uncertainty. Metavolve stepped in at this critical juncture, to help the founding couple navigate the complexities of growth.

This case study delves into how, together, we charted a course that honored their ambitions and equipped them to scale confidently, ensuring their vision for Bungalo remained intact and flourished on their terms.

The challenge

Selling or Scaling the Business?

Bungalo’s journey from being a pandemic project to becoming a flourishing business is nothing short of admirable. With a healthy backlog of sales, the real challenge wasn’t growth—it was growing right.

As Marc looked to evolve from day-to-day operations to a visionary role, the question loomed: How to scale operations without losing the soul of Bungalo, a family-run gem with dreams of becoming a retirement legacy? This pivotal moment called for a strategy that preserved the essence of Bungalo while laying a foundation for sustainable growth.

Marc Pincente

Marc Pincente

Co-Founder, Bungalo Modular Living

We were just getting flooded with new work and I didn't know how to manage all of it. I was wondering 'Do I just stick my head in the sand and do the same work or do I actually raise it up, stand up and see where we need to be aiming the ship?" Because I know how to make the idea work in the beginning but to grow it properly and sustainably is where I felt daunted.

Marc Pincente

Jacqui Pincente

Co-Founder, Bungalo Modular Living

Marc and I had slightly different feelings before we started working with you. I wanted to keep Bungalo but every day he was saying 'Imagine if we just sell it, we move on, and we start something fresh?' I'm so glad that you guys came in right at this time and got us to say 'No, we're not selling Bungalo, we're gonna make this work!'

The Approach

Bungalo's Journey to Clarity and Confidence

To help Marc and Jacqui pass the crossroads they’ve found themselves at, Metavolve facilitated a Strategy Development process of 15 sessions. This intimate and structured approach was tailored for the founders to efficiently get clear and confident on the path forward for their business.

1. Clarifying Market Positioning

We started with an in-depth analysis of Bungalo’s market positioning to ensure their offerings were perfectly aligned with the market needs and their own business capabilities. This phase involved:

  • Deep Market Segmentation: We dissected the broader market into more approachable segments, identifying those where Bungalo’s offerings were not just needed, but could truly excel. This segmentation aimed at revealing the most lucrative and underserved niches within the South African self-catering homes for AirBnB market.
  • Identifying Core Customers: It was essential to determine who Bungalo’s services resonated with the most. We identified that landowners looking for professional, hassle-free bungalow solutions represented the primary customer base.
  • Crafting Value Propositions: For each customer segment, we crafted bespoke value propositions. These were designed to speak directly to the landowners’ desires to enhance the enjoyment of their land and generate alternative income, emphasising simplicity, beauty, and professionalism.

2. Understanding the Competitive Environment

In the next phase of our process, we delved into the forces shaping their competitive landscape. This involved:

  • Mapping Competitive Forces: We identified the various factors influencing Bungalo’s market dynamics, from the intensity of direct rivalry to potential threats from new market entrants and the bargaining power of suppliers.
  • Analysing Competitive Standpoints: By understanding these forces, we highlighted where Bungalo stands out—its ability to deliver an uncomplicated yet professional bungalow experience; a need clearly unaddressed by current market players.
  • Leveraging SWOT Insights: The culmination of our work here was a comprehensive SWOT analysis. This strategic tool helped Bungalo recognise its Strengths to be harnessed, Weaknesses to be managed, Opportunities to be captured, and Threats to be mitigated.

3. Refining Vision and Purpose

After understanding where Bungalo was positioned in the market, we took Marc and Jacqui for a deep dive in the future state of the business. This phased involved:

  • Mindfulness Exercise: Guided by Cameron, Marc and Jacqui took the time to introspect and let their imagination paint a vivid picture of Bungalo at its pinnacle — sustainable, thriving, and impactful.
  • Crafting a Strategic Vision: From what Bungalo’s founders envisioned individually in this intimate process, we aligned both founders’ dreams and aspirations into a single, powerful vision that serves as a north star for their decision-making and future strategy.
  • Articulating the Business’s Purpose: The workshops fostered deep discussions to articulate Bungalo’s core reason for existence, transforming it into a driving force and cornerstone for the entire business to emotionally connect with.

4. Goal Setting for Strategic Direction

The final step of our strategy development process with Bungalo was translating their vision into actionable goals and quarterly priorities. This phase involved:

  • Breaking Down the Vision into Themes: We dissected Bungalo’s overarching vision into specific, thematic areas, each representing a cornerstone of their strategy.
  • Setting Long-Term Goals: For each theme, Marc and Jacqui identified what success looks like in the long run, establishing a set of goals that resonate with the strategic vision and purpose they had refined.
  • Developing Objectives: From these overarching goals, we broke down into achievable objectives. These objectives serve as stepping stones, creating momentum and measurable progress towards the long-term vision.
  • Defining Quarterly Priorities: We finally distilled these objectives into actionable steps for them to execute immediately.

The Outcomes

Achieving Clarity and Confidence in the Future

1. Structured Strategic Vision

Marc and Jacqui crafted a detailed vision that brought structure to their dreams, turning abstract ideas into clear, actionable strategy. The once broad goals now stand as a defined set of milestones, transforming ‘what ifs’ into ‘what’s next.’

2. Trust in their Trajectory

The founders discovered a deeper belief in their chosen path. This isn’t just about confidence—it’s about trust. Trust in the decisions they make, in the direction they take, and in the vision they’ve set. It’s a newfound assurance that comes from having a strategy that feels right in their bones.

3. Clarity as a Catalyst for Action

For Bungalo, clarity has become the catalyst for action. No more guesswork, no more doubts. Marc and Jacqui have gained an enlightened clarity, illuminating their day-to-day operations and long-term ambitions. This isn’t just about seeing the next step; it’s about knowing it’s the right one.

Jacqui Pincente

Jacqui Pincente

Co-Founder, Bungalo Modular Living

It's amazing how much more open we've become to new possibilities, especially Marc, who's typically more reserved. This opening up has been crucial for us, not just in business, but personally, too. The journey has also been about building trust—not just in the process, but in ourselves and in the potential for Bungalo's future. To have experts like Brett and Cam believe in us, to say 'we see the value in what you're doing, and we're here to help you grow it,' has been incredibly affirming. It's given us a confidence boost, knowing that we're not just chasing figures, but nurturing and growing a business with passion at its core. Moving forward, I know we won't just be winging it. Because this structure, this strategic approach we've been guided towards, is going to shape how we'll grow Bungalo.

Marc Pincente

Marc Pincente

Co-Founder, Bungalo Modular Living

Through this process, I've realised that expanding Bungalo isn't as daunting or risky as I initially thought. What's really hit home for me is like we've been given a roadmap with bite-sized, achievable steps to cross the river, knowing when and how, and feeling confident in those decisions. This clarity, this sense of not being alone in the entrepreneur's journey with Metavolve as a sounding board, has been a game-changer. Plus, the realisation that we've got a good, scalable product and that we're at the right time in our business to push forward with expansion—it's empowering. And the support, the guidance from the team, has been exceptional. It's built our confidence enormously, showing us that it's possible to scale without losing sight of what matters most: not putting more strain on our family or our core values at risk.

In Short

In our journey with Bungalo, clarity and confidence were not just outcomes but the very essence of transformation. Marc and Jacqui’s path from being unsure about selling the business to being determined to achieve their vision through an actionable strategy illustrates the profound impact of strategic guidance.

At Metavolve, we’re about making such pivotal transitions a reality for entrepreneurs who dream big. Ready to bring your vision into sharp focus and navigate the complexities of growth? Let’s talk!

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